Gothia Cup

The pink-haired Norwegians from Sprint Jeløy made the most of Gothia Cup

The Norwegian team Sprint Jeløy went the extra mile to make a statement at Gothia Cup by dyeing their hair pink before the tournament.

Gothia Cup is the highlight of the year for thousands of youth football players worldwide. They come here to face strong opposition, enjoy the experience, and leave their mark. In that spirit, the Norwegian team, Sprint Jeløy, decided to go beyond the ordinary and head to the hairdresser.

Even before their journey to Gothenburg, the Norwegians had already made up their minds about a unique team bonding activity – a collective hair makeover in a vibrant pink shade. This decision not only strengthened their team spirit but also set them apart from the rest.
– We wanted to do something special to stand out a little more, so we decided to dye our hair pink back in Norway before coming here, said team captain Jonathan Harveg.

The Norwegian team received many questions and reactions about their colorful hair during the tournament, but they embraced the attention with smiles.
– Most people find it fun, and we've received many smiles from passersby, Harveg added.

Despite mixed results on the pitch, the Norwegians fully enjoyed their Gothia Cup experience.
– The best part has been spending time together with the team and making new friends from other teams, aside from our victories on the pitch, concluded Jonathan Harveg.