Gothia Cup

The Prep School teams are here with 54 teams and 1000 parents

The club The Prep Schools from England is here with 54 teams and around 1000 parents

It's a lot of organizing and planning behind their trip to Gothenburg.
– We’re supportive and this is a wonderful experience. We enjoy everything so far, says the parent Annaliese Reekie.

She has only good things to say about their visit so far.
– It’s a beautiful city. It’s my first visit here. I look forward to see the islands later on, as I understand they are fantastic to see. It’s theme parks as well. We were at Helix yesterday. It was fun. We haven’t seen enough yet. It’s so much to do, says Annaliese Reekie.
She's very positive about the city.
– Göteborg is easy to get around. All logistics have been super simple. It was fantastic to walk with all the teams to the opening ceremony.
Annaliese Reekie explains why so many parents decided to go to Gothia Cup.
– We heard about the tournament and we wanted to come because it’s such a fantastic, international experience. Teams fly in from all around the world. We're around 1 000 parents and 500 players here. We all wanted to support our girls and boys out here and just enjoy the experience alongside them, she says.

All the teams in the club support each other.
– We make new friends. We all come from different parts of England. All didn’t know each other before. We have dinners together and support the teams together. We’re going back with more friends. Hopefully we will be back at Gothia Cup next year, says the parent.
The teams are staying in schools in local areas while parents live separately at hotels.

We're very happy to have you here The Prep Schools!