Gothia Cup

The Puma Trophy team Lyn Fotball are not just here to win

The tournament Puma Trophy has officially begun.

The invitation tournament Puma Trophy has kicked off and one of the first teams to enter are Lyn Football from Norway.
– We’re glad the tournament is back, it feels good to be here, says coach Jorgen Reikerås.

 They just finished an intense game against Linköpings FC. The final score was 2-2 but Reikerås is pleased with his team.
– Karoline Krok Eikefjord, number 39, scored the first goal and it was a good one. She’s a good striker, a “fox in the box” as I like to say.

 Lyn Football obviously plays to win but there are other goals as well, one of them to get experience in a competitive international environment.
– We’re here to get the references. We’ve put together a strong team and we aim to go all the way. At the same time, the girls are still young. The goal is for them to become professional football players. That’s why Puma Trophy is a perfect opportunity to develop their skills, says Reikerås.
What else are you looking forward to during the week?
– Considering the pandemic we haven’t been able to travel much. This is a perfect opportunity for the girls to meet international teams again and grow from that experience, says Reikerås.