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The Meet the World teams love it here

The Meet the World teams had so much fun at the kickoff.

Gothia Cup’s main sponsor SKF has had local Meet the World competitions in different countries. The winners in each country have been invited to play in the Gothia Cup for free. Sporting Hasselt SKF from Belgium is one of the happy teams.

Today it was the kickoff for the invited Meet the World teams at Aschebergsgymnasiet. Players from different countries danced and sang outside the school and shared a beautiful time together.
– The players are so happy to be here and they have so much fun in this city. The girls are so excited, says the coach Rimke Eurlings from the Belgian G15 team Sporting Hasselt SKF.
It was like the girls never wanted to stop dancing.
– They have a lot of energy, on and off the team. We have a lot of talented football players in the team. And they’re very good at singing and dancing as well, says Rimke Eurlings.

They can’t complain about anything really.
– It was a long trip to get here, we first stopped in Munich and then we flew to Gothenburg. Everything is very well organized in the tournament, with the games and the school and everything. We have been to Heden today and checked everything. It seems nice, says Rimke Eurlings.
But the Belgians can’t dance all night...
– They need to sleep as well, so they’re prepared for the football later, she says with a laugh.



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