Gothia Cup

The Tactical Specialists grow with Tiktok and a tactical approach

The English club has over 282 000 followers on Tiktok.

The Tactical Specialists is a new club in England. But after only a year and a half, they have over 282 000 followers on Tiktok.
– Social media is a big part for us. It helps us to attract players, says the coach Dan Muino.

The Tactical Specialists is based in High Wycombe, about 40 minutes from London.
– We have got our own training facilities and a small pitch that we use. We’re most famous and known for Tiktok, says the founder, Dan Muino, when we meet him at Heden.
The Tiktok idea came from his girlfriend.
– She said that I should start to do coaching videos on Tiktok. I wasn’t sure, but it went quite well and we got a bigger audience. We started doing fun games and challenges for youngsters. When we got an even bigger audience, we thought: why not try to attract players?
Today they have over 282 000 followers on Tiktok. The small club started their journey as late as last year.
– It was supposed to be based on the tactical approach of the game and tactical sessions, so we took this name. We get a few comments about the name and our logotype. It’s unique, says Dan Muino.
They think that tactics are a very important part of the game.
– We picked a lot of technically skilled players for the Gothia Cup. We want to get them together and explain our tactical approach. We teach them tactically, because we’re very tactical oriented.

The Tactical Specialists is a very young club.
– We’re brand new, we’ve only been a club for a little more than a year. We want to get a bigger scale for every year. We want to come to tournaments like this. Our main approach is to have a group of players and tour the world. We’re an international club, says the coach.
This was his sixth Gothia Cup.
– I’ve been here three times as a player for Phoenix Football Academy. It’s very good to be back here. I have come twice as a coach before. This is the first time with The Tactical Specialists.
The B18 team reached the quarterfinals after five straight wins. Then they lost on penalties against Gais from Gothenburg.
– I would love to win this tournament some time. If we could get ourselves on the map as a brand and get better players to participate in tournaments like this, our aim is to win tournaments. This is our first tournament together. We’re small at the moment, so we’re very proud of what we have achieved so far, says Dan Muino.
The players paid a bit to take part in the Gothia Cup journey.
– We also got sponsors that invested. A few parents helped out through their business.
The Tactical Specialists will participate in the Gothia Cup again.
– We will come back here next year, 100 percent! says the coach.

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