Gothia Cup

The Ukrainian boys in FC Pidshypnyk is here to make an impression

The team from Ukraine is here to win, but the road here has not been easy.

Despite difficult circumstances, with everything happening in Ukraine, two teams have made it to Gothenburg for this year's tournament. One of the teams is FC Pidshypnyk, who have just won their second consecutive match in the tournament when we encounter them.

The team from the city of Lutsk is one of two teams participating in this year's tournament. However, the journey here has not been particularly easy.

-We have been traveling for over three days, and we were stuck at the border for a long time. It has been tough, but we are very happy to be here, says Liubomyr Mysko.

Liubomyr and his teammates have so far won both of their matches but also believe it is important to mention how talented all the teams in the tournament are.

-I am very impressed with the entire tournament. The opening ceremony was very nice, and it was fun to meet so many different people. Gothia Cup is a fantastic experience, something I am incredibly happy to be a part of, says Liubomyr.

-The best thing about Gothia Cup is getting to play football on beautiful pitches against strong opponents. I am very happy for the opportunity, Liubomyr says cheerfully.

FC Pidshypnyk will play their group final tomorrow at 09:40 AM against Cyprian team Efthymiades.