Gothia Cup

The winners of Fair Play Trophy

Celebrate the Game is Gothia Cup’s fair play project. It's presented in collaboration with Länsförsäkringar.

Our belief is that we all together – players, leaders, parents, referees, supporters, and the organization – can help to create a positive, supportive, and kind environment both on and off the pitch. This year, we have four winners of Fair Play Trophy.

In line with Celebrate the Game, we have Fair Play Trophy. During the week, everyone has been able to nominate anyone who has shown proof of good behavior in true Celebrate the Game spirit.

We have received many nominations and this year’s award recipients have all received various nominations from referees, spectators, friends and volunteers, and the motivations have beautifully described how the clubs have helped both own players and opponents during the matches, spread a positive atmosphere at the schools and around the pitch and also taken this opportunity to create new friendships from all over the world. For example, AIK:s B17E team choose to play with ten players in the match against TikiTaki Academy that only had ten players available. It's Celebrate the Game and fair play spirit at its finest.

The winners of Fair Play Trophy 2023:
Girls Unite, G13, USA
Boo FF, G14B, Sweden
Empire FC, G16, United Arab Emirates
AIK, B17E, Sweden

Congratulations to all the winners! You have all deserved it.