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They scored an average of nine goals per game

Brommapojkarnas team 1 in B13 scored a total of 82 goals during this summer’s Gothia Cup and with that they were the best of all teams in the tournament. On average, they scored nine goals per game. ”In terms of results, this is the strongest team in the history of Brommapojkarna”, says team leader Roger Reinholdsson.

Brommapojkarnas team 1 from Stockholm in Sweden not only won class B13 in this summer’s Gothia Cup, they also did it in big style, to say the least. The final against their buddies in Brommapojkarnas team 2 finished 5-0 and throughout the tournament they scored lots of goals. Their 82 goals altogether made them the team with most goals in the entire Gothia Cup.

”We’re a good team and it’s very much thanks to the coach who has been around for a long time and knows what it takes to evolve and succeed. Tactically, we are often superior our opponents. Several of the players have played together since they were six years old and it’ll be interesting to see what happens with the team in the future”, says Roger Reinholdsson.

Not only did Brommpojkarna score most goals of all teams, their defense was equally impressive. The team kept a clean sheet in all matches.

”Our defensive players together with the goalkeeper throw away the key so it’s completely locked in the back. For sure, there are offensive players who are prominent individually, but I really want to highlight the guys’s defensive play”, he continues.

The team is a part of Brommapojkarnas academy and they train three to four times a week year round. They’re not part of any league, in Sweden they only play training matches, usually against teams that are older than themselves. In addition, they travel abroad to play tournaments. In September they won the Madrid Cup where teams such as Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid participated.

”That is the biggest thing that a Swedish youth team in this age category has ever performed abroad”, says Roger Reinholdsson.

In other words, summer and autumn were very fortunate for the talented 13 year olds. From the Gothia Cup, it’s not just the win itself that they have fond memories of.

”The Gothia Cup is a fantastic tournament -– from the opening ceremony all the way through to the playoffs. For many teams, it’s an experience to just travel away and live together for a whole week and spend time with teams and players from other countries and cities in Sweden”.

It remains to be seen if the team is back in the Gothia Cup next year to defend its title. If so, in class B14.

”We are about to plan next year and we’ll see if we come to the Gothia Cup. We also hope that we’ll receive an invitation the following year to the SEF Trophy when the guys are 15 years old”, ”concludes Roger Reinholdsson.



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