Gothia Cup

Toca Juniors FC from USA is here to spread joy and win

Toca Juniors FC is from USA and they're here to spread joy and win games.

Many teams arrived to Gothenburg by ferry on Sunday. Toca Juniors from USA were one of those teams.
– We're really excited to be here, says the player Connie Bartoli Pinero.

Teams from countries like USA and Germany came to Stena Terminalen in Gothenburg today. The players were all very happy. They sang and danced while arriving at the terminal.
– That's a great feeling to be here. We're so excited about coming to Gothenburg, says Connie Bartoli Pinero from Toca Juniors FC.
Connie and her team-mates usually live in Maryland in USA.
– Most of us have Argentinian roots. We are proud of that, says Connie Bartoli Pinero.

She loves to play football and she loves her team.
– I’m so happy. We hope we can win some games. We will play the games and live it through. We will have so much fun during our time here, she says.
The G17 team is very strong, according to her.
– As a team, we’re very hard working and team oriented. We play great together, says Connie Bartoli Pinero.
They just played in Cup No. 1 in Denmark.
– We’re very tired right now. It took three hours by ferry to Gothenburg. It was a really long flight to Denmark. This is our first time at the Gothia Cup. We hope to go far in the tournament, says the happy 17-year-old.