Gothia Cup

Trio are social media hosts for Gothia Cup 2024

Ida Mardoukh, Mimi Cronquist and Hannah Heed are Gothia Cup's social media hosts before and during the tournament.

Ida Mardoukh and Mimi Cronquist have worked with Gothia Cup before, while it will be the Gothia Cup debut for Hannah Heed.

Hannah Heed has worked with Gothia Cup Innebandy in January and Partille World Cup this week and therefore knows what it is all about. The trio will keep you updated on everything that happens on and off the pitches before and during Gothia Cup 2024.
– It's incredibly fun that we've gone from me being alone to now being three of us, especially since it's Mimi and Hannah who use social media themselves. We really are a solid trio. I think we will complement each other in the way that we are there and support each other when needed. It's very energy demanding, in a positive way, so we will push each other and inspire each other a lot during the week. We're all so incredibly excited and we can't wait to meet everyone, says Ida Mardoukh.

You will see and hear Ida, Mimi and Hannah on our social media channels, so if you don't want to miss a thing, we recommend you to make sure you follow our social media accounts!