Gothia Cup

Updated information regarding Covid-19 and Gothia Cup

The safety of our participants and officials during the tournament is our highest priority. First, we would like to thank you for the patience you have shown us in a difficult situation. Your faith and longing mean a lot for our own belief that together we will be able to carry out a safe and secure Gothia Cup this summer.

Gothia Cup is preparing for the summer’s tournament based on different scenarios, where the spread of the Corona virus determines which restrictions we live with in July. We follow daily updates from our government, regions and authorities closely and the government has made the assessment that in about a month they believe they can make a forecast of what the restrictions in Sweden will be like this summer. 

In our process of preparing for a different kind of tournament this summer, we value the dialogue with our participating teams. Our ambition is to keep our guests involved as well as informed of the process leading up to how we will be able to carry out Gothia Cup 2021.

We know how much football means to our children and young adults and we hope to be able to deliver happiness, togetherness and love to the sport again this year.

Refunds of registration and accommodation/participant costs

All teams can cancel their participation with a full refund of registration fee until 2021-05-10. The accommodation cost/participant fee can be fully refunded until 2021-06-10.

What happens if Gothia Cup 2021 is cancelled?

If Gothia Cup 2021 is cancelled, all registered teams will get a full refund of both the registration and accommodation cost/participation fees.



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