Gothia Cup

Utsikten BK champions of B18

Utsikten Bk-Live your world cup 4-2 (1-1)

The last match of this years tournament at Gamla Ullevi was between Swedish team Utsikten BK and French team Live your world cup. The interesting aspect of the match was that the teams had already played against each other once in the tournament, during the first group stage. In that previous encounter, Utsikten BK emerged as the winner with a score of 2-1.

The first ten minutes of the match were dominated by the Swedish team, but precisely at the eleven-minute mark, Live your world cup was awarded a free-kick on the offensive half of the field. Center-back Achour Mehdi directed his header towards the ball, scoring the opening goal.

-When we faced the French team in the group stage, we were also trailing after conceding an early goal, but we didn't give up and continued to work hard. Gradually, we took control of the match, just like today, and eventually scored a goal, said the match hero, Lukas Letho.

It took about fifteen minutes for the next goal, this time in favor of Utsikten BK. A diagonal backward pass set up Victor Mattsson, who calmly rolled in the equalizer.

In the second half, it was all about keeping one's composure. The match became increasingly physical as it progressed, with more tired legs showing on the pitch. When the referee blew the final whistle with the score still tied at 1-1, penalty kicks would decide the winner of the B18 class in the Gothia Cup 2023.

-It was very physical just like the last time we faced each other, but it was evident that as the match went on, more players started to tire. Penalty shootouts are always special, and it is always fun to win in that manner, he said.

After a nervous penalty shootout, Utsikten BK could proudly call themselves the champions of Gothia Cup 2023.

-I am proud of the team. Yesterday, we went to penalties, and the guys scored theirs, I saved mine. In the end, we are a team, and that is all that matters, Lukas says