We introduce Team Stewards in Gothia Cup

Ahead of this summer's edition of Gothia Cup, a new project within Celebrate the Game will be introduced. All participating teams are asked to appoint a Team Steward before each match. The Team Steward will contribute to a positive atmosphere and focuses in particular on helping the team's supporters and making sure they behave in a good way.

To make it easy to recognize them, Team Stewards will wear a special vest. The purpose of Team Stewards is to prevent violence and threats, both on and off the pitch. It should not be an active coach or leader who is the team's Team Steward, Gothia Cup wishes that the task should be assigned to an adult fellow traveler who follows the team on site.

Prior to the tournament, all teams receive information and educational materials describing the role of a Team Steward. The teams need to confirm to Gothia Cup that they have received this information and that they will complete the assignment during the tournament. Before a match, it is the responsibility of each team to ensure that their Team Steward is given a vest by the pitch host and get that team's crowd on the right side and try to keep them together as much as possible. In addition to thanking the referee for the match and returning the vest afterwards, the Team Steward shall assess the behavior of their crowd and inform Gothia Cup of any events that have occurred that are inconsistent with Gothia Cup and the Celebrate the Game spirit.

– Through our fair play project Celebrate the Game, we work every year to create a better environment for everyone, both on and off the pitch. With our initiative with Team Stewards, we hope to further strengthen this work. Together we can make a difference, says Niclas Andersson Freiholtz, tournament director for Gothia Cup.