Gothia Cup

“When someone does something wrong we help each other”

Celebrate the Game is a Fair Play project run by Gothia Cup in association with Länsförsäkringar, to create a better environment for everyone both on and off the pitches.

Incorporating fair and nice play can be about doing the little things, like extending a nice gesture and showing respect after the match.

Treating each other in a nice way on the pitch is important. The teammates of Mjällby’s B14 team discussed what fair play looks like on the pitch.
– Fair play means that we are kind to each other, when someone does something wrong in the game we help each other, says Hussam Hassan.

It is important to show appreciation for each other in different ways.
– You make sure to give the opponents, and your teammates, a pat on the back, says Douglas Salenius.

Team mate William Karlsson follows up.
– Make sure to thank the opponents after the match, not just leaving, says William.

The team has had fun during the tournament week and they appreciate the time spent playing football and hanging out with friends.
– Football is my happiness, says Hussam.

Gothia Cup is a good chance to get fully immersed in the football. When reflecting on the best parts, having fun and developing the game stands out.
– To play and improve, set goals for yourself. It feels good when you reach your goals, says Hugo Svan.