Sustainability Policy

Gothia Cup is the world's largest and most international meeting place for the world’s youth. A place irrespective of religion, skin color or nationality, with football as the common denominator. We are proud to be part of a world where football makes a difference, creates community and contributes to integration and a common future. This sustainability policy shows our ambitions and guides us in our daily work within the frames of what we can control and have the opportunity to influence.

Our Responsibility

We will work towards a sustainable development to create and ensure a better tomorrow for the individuals, tournament and the planet.

It is with the next generation in mind that we strive develop and we want to use our event to influence others.

With that comes a responsibility which means that we have to minimize our impact on the environment while at the same time putting the young people's meeting place at the center.

In order to become fully sustainable, we aim to get rid of all fossil energy, remove of all harmful chemicals, make sure that we do not contribute to pushing ecosystems aside and at the same time make sure that people's needs are met. We have an opportunity to influence and we want to use it!

Our Commitments

With such a large event comes a responsibility for the next generation. We want to be a positive force in the transition to a sustainable future. We start from the three dimensions: social, economic and environmental sustainability where all parts interact with each other. We start from the definition that sustainable development is "a development that satisfies today's needs without jeopardizing the conditions for future generations to satisfy their needs."

Listed below are our commitments within the framework of sustainability. In addition to these commitments, we must annually strengthen our competence in sustainability and continuously develop new initiatives. And we must work for continuous improvement in our sustainability work.


  • Actively work to ensure that all visitors, participants and volonteers have a safe and rewarding experience.

  • Always take a clear distance from all forms of discrimination and harassment based on gender, ethnic background, skin color, religion, age and sexual orientation

  • Actively work for good accessibility for visitors, participants and volonteers.

  • Actively work for greater equality

  • Work with and develop Fair Play

  • Make sure the local community gets to share in our successes


  • Measure and annually reduce our carbon footprint per participant

  • Encourage participants and visitors to reduce their environmental impact during the event

  • Set sustainability requirements on suppliers and prioritize local suppliers

  • Prioritize eco-labelled goods when purchasing

  • Keep the amount of waste down and provide the opportunity for source sorting

  • Rent, re-use and recycle instead of buying new

  • Serve healthy and responsibly produced food with as little environmental impact as possible

  • Actively work to keep down and reduce the amount of food waste

  • Where we have the opportunity, use electricity from renewable sources

  • Prioritizing environmentally-classified vehicles and renewable fuel for internal transport and business trips


  • Ensure that our surplus is reinvested in the business so that we can do more good

  • Involve partners and sponsors in our sustainability work to find sustainable solutions

  • Use our resources effectively and responsibly

  • Ensure our financial stability by having a long-term plan