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For Alviks IKs girls, 2022 is a year for football tournaments

In a few weeks the girls will get on the train to Gothenburg and this summer's big football adventure, Gothia Cup. Until then their schedule is filled with training sessions, matches and other tournaments, everything to be as prepared as possible.

During a training session last autumn, the girls from Alviks IK were surprised by our partner Bravida and Gothia Boost Tour by winning a spot at Gothia Cup in the summer of 2022. When they a few weeks later had a gathering for the season finale, the movie from when they won Gothia Boost Tour went on repeat all evening. The win has motivated the competition-oriented team that is now training to try to win the Gothia Cup for girls 14 years.

When we talk to coach Anja in March, it is still winter in Alvik, which is located just outside Luleå in the north of Sweden, but this year they have been able to train a few sessions outdoors thanks to good weather and snow shoveling. Half the team also plays basketball, some play ice hockey and some compete in cross-country skiing, so even though it is not always possible to play football during the winter, the girls are active. Anja thinks it's very positive that the girls do other sports as well, if she gets to decide the girls will be active in sports for many more years.

In order to still get to play some football during the winter, they collaborate with another team. The two teams let the girls participate in each other's trainings and they play training matches against each other. Many of the girls from the two teams know each other well since they play football together in high school.

Both players and leaders have attended an education in football psychology, which Anja believes has been very rewarding for everyone. The girls are at an age when a lot is happening in the body and the education has taught them to deal with everything happening, and the leaders have learned how to support the girls in the best way. To "dare" have become the team's key word - dare to go all in but also dare to fail in order to develop.

During the pandemic the girl's motivation has been lower than usual when we have not been able to play as many matches and not go to tournaments. We usually have a kick-off before tournaments when we watch a movie and eat pizza, but we have not been able to do that either. After winning in the Gothia Boost Tour, the motivation is back at its peak again. -

2022 will be a real tournament year for the girls, first out is the team's first 11 vs 11 tournament, next in turn a tournament where the matches are played in the middle of the night and then two more tournaments before they are going to this summer's big adventure, Gothia Cup. The whole team is grateful for the win in the Gothia Boost Tour which has given them the motivation back. Even though the girls are young, they take great personal responsibility and want to be as good as they can and be prepared for the Gothia Cup.

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