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Ljungskile SK's boys train to prepare for Gothia Cup

When the players in Ljungskile SK B18 team plan for the summer, they make sure that summer jobs and the Gothia Cup do not clash. They are all looking forward to a week filled with football and to hang out together at Heden.

During a training session on a dark and cold evening last autumn, the boys from Ljungskile SK had perhaps their strangest training session ever. In the middle of training, a team of referees appeared and made some very strange decisions, in the end the referee gathered all the players at the sideline and fireworks were fired on the other side of the pitch. Then, four match delegates appeared with a check, the team had been selected by our partner Länsförsäkringar and had won the Gothia Boost Tour.

It was the father to one of the players who had submitted the application and not even coach Jesper knew that the team had won a spot in Gothia Cup until the team was surprised. After the win in the Gothia Boost Tour, the team has trained as usual, but when we talk to Jesper in early April, the weather has been so bad the past week that they were not allowed on the pitches, otherwise they train four to five times a week and play matches on the weekends. In the 2022 season, the team plays in the league for U19 division 1, where they compete against several football academies, which the players in Ljungskile SK think is both challenging and fun. As a final boost before the Gothia Cup, Jesper plans to take the players to a military area to try their really tough obstacle course.

The guys have worked extra hard after winning the Gothia Boost Tour. They all think it will be fun to play Gothia Cup and that there will be something extra special happening this summer. Many of them are looking for summer jobs right now, but they are careful that they must be available during the Gothia Cup. - Jesper Ekström, coach Ljungskile SK

The team has not participated together at Gothia Cup before, so they think it will be extra fun this summer because it is the last year they can participate The players are looking forward to the summer, getting to hang out together at Heden and playing football. They hope to meet international teams and maybe teams from Stockholm.

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