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The girls from Dösjöbro IF have high expectations for the summer

The girls in the team are looking forward to playing the Gothia Cup this summer, and they are preparing to go far. Since they won their participation through Gothia Boost Tour, they have talked about Gothia Cup at every training session.

The girls in Dösjöbro IF are preparing for the summer and Gothia Cup. They have train sessions twice a week and play matches. During the autumn the motivation was not on top but since January it's been better. When we talk to coach Jimmie at the end of March, they have recently won a training match against one of the better teams in Skåne with a 6-1. With that win and the fact that they won at Gothia Boost Tour the girl's motivation is now at its peak.

Jimmie had tricked the girls that something had gone wrong with their registration, but in fact they had been selected by Gothia Cup's partner Puma as one of the winners of the Gothia Boost Tour. The team won its participation at Gothia Cup 2022.

Both Jimmie and many of the parents have been to Gothia Cup before, and they are just as much looking forward to the team participating as the girls themselves. Almost all the parents will come to Gothenburg to cheer on the team.

I have tried to explain to the girls how big of experience it is to participate at Gothia Cup, but I don't think they really understand it yet. It will be a memory for life. - Jimmie Andersson, coach at Dösjöbro IF

The expectations for Gothia Cup are high, and the team wants to compete for the top spots, Jimmie does everything he can to prepare the players in the best way possible. When we talk to Jimmie, the team is at another tournament where they went all the way to the final and they will play a smaller tournament a month before the trip to Gothenburg and Gothia Cup.

The girls look forward to playing against teams they do not normally play against, especially foreign teams. But they also look forward to everything whole experience with Gothia Cup, like sleeping together for a whole week, something they have not done before.

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