The win in the Gothia Boost Tour has been an incentive for the team from Lekstorps IF to keep going - Gothia Cup
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The win in the Gothia Boost Tour has been an incentive for the team from Lekstorps IF to keep going

The boys from Lekstorps IF has played together since kindergarten, now they look forward to a new adventure together - they will participate in Gothia Cup this summer, something they've never done before.

One evening last autumn when the team was training, BK Häcken's players Johan Hammar and Alexander Jeremejeff suddenly appeared on the pitch in a car from our partner Volkswagen. Shortly afterwards, the parade orchestra Göta Lejon makes its entrance and finally the Gothia Cup representative shows up to tell the team that they had won the Gothia Boost Tour and will play at Gothia Cup this summer.

At the end of April, when we talk to coach Pierre, the team has been playing a few league matches, and they have performed beyond the expectations. Pierre says that the boys are now at the age when other things than football attracts, both mopeds and girls, but most of the boys are still a part of the team. Some of the players who have not trained so diligently lately have realized that there is not much time left until Gothia Cup and then started to become more active in training again. Pierre is particular when he says that everyone who comes to trainings will be allowed to participate at Gothia Cup, it is important for the team spirit.

That we won Gothia Boost Tour has most definitely been an incentive for the boys to keep training together. Everyone looks forward to Gothia Cup. - Pierre Johnsson, tränare Lekstorps IF

Right now, the team's focus is on the league matches that run until the summer break in June. Then the boys get a few weeks off before it is time for a training camp at home where the team will make the final preparations for Gothia Cup. Once at the Gothia Cup, the boys look forward to the whole experience, the atmosphere around the tournament, staying at the school together and perhaps above all getting to play against teams from other countries.

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